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07th Jan 2018

The Kerry bat family home got invaded by a mouse and it was gas

'Catch him Derry!'
kerry bat

“Quick Derry, there’s another animal.”

Where were you when Derry took on the Kerry bat?

You might have been sat in the comfort of your home, watching on innocently as Kerry man Derry did his utmost to rid his home of a bat utilising a myriad of tools such as a towel, his bare hands, and sheer willpower.

It’s the video that none of us will ever be able to forget.

The words “he’s making a mockery out of you, boy” and “Maureen you’re no help behind the door” will remain forever etched into the collective Irish psyche.

And, to be honest, we’re kind of okay with it.

How lucky for us then that Derry and his son Tadhg are back with another rogue animal in their gaf.

This time, a wee little mouse has decided to show up and make a mockery out of Derry.

And, yeah okay, the mouse may not be flying around the room and the dog may not be pissing in the background but look lads, this is the closest thing we’re going to get to a decent sequel to this tale so we may as well just go with it.

The video starts off innocently enough – with Tadhg standing in a bath shouting for Derry to come get the mouse that’s darting around the place.

Derry then arrives in with some sort of brush pretending to have a mouse in his hand.

Classic Derry.

The lads then make their way to the kitchen, Derry gets himself a jacket and they tear the place apart.

No like, they actually do.

Eventually, the pair say that they got the mouse out of the house but seeing as viewers never actually witness this occurring, the mouse’s exit cannot be confirmed.

It was no bat attack, but sure look, we’ll take what we can get.