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23rd Dec 2018

Ankle SCARVES are winding everyone up on the Internet today

Olivia Hayes

Yes, you read that right.

Ankle scarves. Scarves that you put around your ankles. Genius. But, not really. It’s all a big joke.


Well, a German satire site, Der Postillon, decided to come up with the fake trend to wind its readers up.

The ‘joke’ article read: “Long trousers are worn only by grandmothers and grandpas. But after I’ve had chilblains twice this year and my doctor warned me I could lose my ankles, I’ll just wear those shawls for safety’s sake.”

A lot of people didn’t cop onto the joke (hello, they would be the most impractical things in the world), and took to Twitter to vent:

Yeah, people were not impressed. Thank God it’s a joke… although someone will probably create them soon enough *eye roll*.