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26th Sep 2014

You’re Having Olaf: Sexy Frozen Inspired Halloween Costumes Are Here And They’re HORRENDOUS

Is there nothing sacred anymore?!


Is there nothing sacred anymore?! 

Disney’s Frozen is the highest grossing animated picture of all time and so it comes as no surprise that the monster hit will provide inspiration behind several Halloween costumes this year.

From Elsa and Anna dresses and pencil cases to Olaf emblazoned lunch boxes, you name it and more than likely there is a piece of Frozen memorabilia available in its form.

Halloween provides the perfect excuse for people to go a little over the top with their costume, and some folk let it all hang out as they go all out.

As the saying goes, ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’ and so fancy dress website decided to sex up the characters from the animated film in time for Halloween… yes, even Olaf.


We know what you’re thinking, ‘you’ve got to be having Olaf’, and sadly we are not. (Yes, that is some of our finest work to date).

Sexy Olaf consists of a white swimsuitesque one-piece brought to life by three bits of fluffy black coal, some thigh-high stockings, full-length gloves and a carrot nose of course.

We’re not entirely sure how anyone who plans on purchasing this costume will be able to get into character. After all, Olaf loves a good warm hug, in saying that though they definitely will be freezing.

The ladies of Frozen have provided some inspiration also…

Pass us a broom; we’ll be sticking to our witch costumes.

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