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14th Aug 2015

You Won’t Believe What Is Being Introduced At Some Check-In Desks

We are not okay with this!



One airline has announced that they are going to weigh passengers before they board the plane.

Yes, you did read that right.

Uzbekistan Airways have revealed that they will be weighing passengers and their hand luggage before allowing them to board the aircraft.

Woman traveling and doing check-in at the airport

“According to the rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airlines regularly carry out procedures pre-flight check weighing of passengers and carry-on baggage to comply with requirements to ensure safety,” a statement read.

Businessman checks in with an airline attendant at the airport. Horizontal shot.

“After completing the check-in and before boarding the aircraft, we will off that you undergo the procedure on special weighing scales installed in the gate area.”

IATA on the other hand has stated that they are not aware of this rule themselves.

check-in at self help desk in the airport

“We are not aware of an IATA rule concerning the weighing of passengers and their hand luggage prior to flight,” Chris Goater of IATA told CNN.

Hat tip: CNN.