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11th Feb 2021

Yellow weather warnings in place for another 24 hours

“Strong to gale force winds mixed with rain, sleet and snow”

A yellow snow and ice warning has been extended for another 24 hours for most of the country with some snow expected to fall throughout the day in many parts of Ireland.

Snow will make its way from the west coast to the east coast throughout the day and will hit the east by the evening time so if you’re in Dublin you can expect a light blanket of snow at around 9pm tonight. Since the temperatures are also staying very low the snow might stick around until Friday morning.

Met Éireann has tweeted a detailed snowfall prediction, which says that up to five centimetres will fall across Ireland today, “a band of rain, sleet and snow will gradually push northeast across Munster, Connacht and Leinster on Thursday.”

The weather front will reach the east coast by this evening, which will “blanket Dublin in light snowfall by 9pm.”

There is “a status yellow snow and ice warning for the three provinces of Munster, Connacht and Leinster” in place which will go on until tomorrow morning, they are warning drivers to be careful while out on the roads.

Met Éireann warned “A band of sleet and snow spreading northeastwards during Thursday giving snow accumulations of up to 5cm in some areas (higher over the mountains), but transitioning to rain in the west and south on Thursday night.”

The wind is also very strong at the moment and the forecaster has also issued wind warnings for the same locations, saying that “strong to gale force winds mixed with rain, sleet and snow will lead to poor visibility and hazardous conditions.”