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12th Jan 2017

You won’t believe this homework assignment for girls is from 2017

It comes across like something from 1920

In 2016, the misogynists had a lot of wins.

Trump was elected, the gender pay gap widened and the 8th amendment still stands.

At a time like this, we need educators and teachers to be progressive, to teach young girls about their rights and to encourage a more positive and equal future.

We do not need this bullshit.

An assignment for school girls has been criticised by parents in Salt Lake City for its blatant sexist expectations.

The assignment went viral after Jenn Oxborrow, the mother of a Highland High School student, shared images of it on Facebook.

The assignment was handed out as part of an “adult roles and financial literacy” course and was aimed at 16-17 year-olds.

Students were challenged to go on a date for less than five dollars. Boys and girls were given separate guidelines.

Suggestions for the girls have raised some eyebrows.

They include:

  • When you’re asked for a suggestions, give one (don’t say, “I don’t care”)
  • Eat the food your order. Don’t waste his money.
  • Don’t worry about your appearance the whole date.
  • If you think you’re too fat, keep it to yourself.
  • Show him you enjoy being with him.
  • Dress appropriately for the date.
  • Be feminine and lady-like, don’t use vulgar language or swear.
  • Don’t expect love and commitment when the date is meant to be casual.
  • Don’t correct or comment on his personal habits.

Mother Jenn Oxborrow who shared the image told The Tribune that she was worried how “heteronormative” the assignment was.

“If you’re trying to figure out where you stand with your gender identity and then you get an assignment like this, it puts our kids at risk,” she said.

“Our teachers and our principals have to acknowledge some of this and teach in a sensitive, evidence-based way — and they’re not.”