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25th Jun 2021

Women confront stranger who was “taking pictures” of them at the pool in TikTok

He even tried denying it.

There’s nothing quite like the power you feel when you confront creepy men taking secrets snaps of you.

A group of girls have shared a a video on TikTok of the disturbing moment they confronted a man who they had spotted taking snaps of them at the pool

User @maiphammy posted the clip, which now has a whopping 1.2 million likes and 7.2 million views, posted he moment they approached the man and asked him to delete everything.

She wrote: “Stay safe out there ladies. Decided to confront a creep taking pics of us when we were just trying to hang by the pool. HE TRIED DENYING IT.”

The video shows one girl walking up to him with her phone recording the interaction, while another filmed the encounter.

Challenging him on why he took the pictures, the man began denying it until they asked him to delete the pictures.

She said: “Excuse me, I’d really appreciate it if you deleted the photos of us off your phone.”

He went into his favourites to pretend they didn’t exist, but one girl got a glimpse at herself in a snap.

They continuously asked him to delete them, and the man was visibly shaken that he had been caught.

@maiphammystay safe out there ladies. decided to confront a creep taking pics of us when we were just trying to hang by the pool. HE TRIED DENYING IT.♬ original sound – maiphammy

He gave in and said he would delete them before putting his phone down, but this wasn’t good enough and the girls demanded he deleted them in front of them.

Another then said: “No, delete them right in front of our face.”

He eventually deleted the pictures, and the girls tried getting him to delete them off his recently deleted folder too, which he reluctantly did.

He then asked the girls to stop watching over him, telling them they were “intimidating”, which they explained that they only wanted to make sure they were definitely deleted.

There was also a video that one girl pointed out, which he told them was another picture and deleted it too.

The girls were praised for their bravery, with one user saying: “You guys did the best thing, you’re so brave.”

Another added: “He’s probably scared because he has a lot of pictures [of] other girls as well.”