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03rd May 2019

Woman verbally attacked by Tinder match has been made an ASOS model

Jade Hayden

asos dress tinder

Every silver lining and all that.

A woman who was verbally attacked on Tinder by some lad for her choice of dress has been made an ASOS model.

Thea Lauryn Chippendale was insulted by the man known only as ‘George’ earlier this week when they matched on the dating app.

The cretin messaged Thea to tell her (incorrectly) that she was “a bit of a joke, but that dress in the last photo is not doing any favours.”

He then added: “Hope this helps” and the thumb emoji.

Thea, naturally, asked what in God’s name he was talking about to which George responded: “You heard!” before calling Thea’s ASOS dress a “charity shop job.”

He then told her to “GROW UP” for some unknown reason.

Thea, being the class bitch that she is, shared the exchange to Twitter to call George out and aptly assert that men are, indeed , trash.

It wasn’t long before ASOS themselves got involved to tell Thea to check her DMs and, lo and behold, they added her picture to their website advertising the dress in question.

Thea was, understandably, delighted by the outcome of her absolute unnecessary verbal abuse and let it be known that she did, indeed, have the last laugh.

Stunning outcome for all involved.