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22nd Sep 2023

Woman stops doing housework after husband tells her she does nothing


By Steve Hopkins

And the results speak for themselves

A woman has proved just how wrong her husband is after he claimed she did nothing around the house.

Rather than taking the comment on the chin, or arguing about it, Lindsay Donnelly decided to stop cleaning for a few days and film the results.

In a TikTok that’s now been viewed over 13 million times, Lindsay shows her home in a right state.

The kitchen bench tops and even the floor were strewn with dirty plates and kids’ belongings. Ditto the kitchen table. The lounge looked like a laundromat and there wasn’t a clear surface anywhere in the bathroom.

And then Lindsay really made her point, according to her caption, which reads: “Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor’.

@lindsaydonnelly2 Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor ♬ Karma (feat. Ice Spice) – Taylor Swift

Given the video went viral, Lindsay made a second one, this time featuring her husband.

She explained to viewers that he had apologised for the remark.

And since then, she’s released other videos showing that she and her husband could see the funny side of their social media fame.

She posted a video joking that she “might accidentally roast you in a TikTok video and let 7 million people join in on the fun”, and since that was posted, the viewer count on the original video has surpassed 13m.

In yet another video, Lindsay admitted her other half actually cleans more “more than I do” and that he was “almost perfect”.

@lindsaydonnelly2 Replying to @kris ♬ original sound – Lindsay D

People didn’t find the video that funny at all.

One wrote: “My future guy is gonna be walking on eggshells, because if he said something like this to me I’d just leave.” Another added: “This same thing happened to me. Filed for divorce yesterday”

A third added: “Every day for a lot of us, unfortunately. I left 2 weeks for a trip and he decided to start paying for a housekeeper since.”

Another urged women not to “settle”: Mine goes on a chore frenzy every time I’m out with girlfriends. That’s how he shows he appreciates how hard I work to keep the house tidy. Don’t settle ladies.”

Given, Lindsay, in her second video admitted her husband is actually “almost perfect”, a divorce seems, rather unlikely.

While some commenters were keen to break the couple up, others suggested they couldn’t just stop doing housework because they couldn’t deal with the mess.

One person wrote: “I wanna do this but it would drive me crazy,” and someone else admitted that they’d tried it themselves but forgot they were supposed to be leaving a mess and “absentmindedly’ threw out their rubbish a few hours later”.