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27th Sep 2017

Woman who was raped in Belfast park tells her story in TV3 documentary

The series' second episode airs on Thursday night at 9pm.
unbreakable: true lives

Last week, the first of a new documentary series on sexual violence aired on TV3.

Unbreakable: True Lives tells the stories of four women who have experienced rape and sexual assault.

The series documents how each of the women dealt with their trauma, their anger, and attempted to get their lives back.

This week, Unbreakable: True Lives tells the story of former Harvard & George Mitchell scholar, Winnie Lee. 

Lee was attacked and brutally raped while hiking through a park in Belfast in 2008.

Her story is told through her own eyes and her own experiences, as she tries to reclaim the life that she had prior to her attack.

Lee also published a novel about her experience in 2015 called Dark Chapter.

The series disproves the idea that rape is only committed by strange men in dark alleyways, with the survivors featured having experienced sexual violence from relatives and partners too.

Episode two of Unbreakable: True Lives airs Thursday, September 28 at 9pm on TV3.