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08th Oct 2017

This woman lost her finger after her wedding ring got caught on a fence

She was watching her son play tee ball at the time.

Chelsey Brown is a mum-of-one from Tennessee.

Last month, Chelsey was watching her three-year-old son play some tee ball with his Little League team.

In order to cheer her son on, the 23-year-old started to jump up and down on the bleachers.

While she was doing this, her wedding ring got caught on a metal fence.

When Chelsey moved to sit back down, it tore her finger off.

Chelsey was rushed to hospital but unfortunately the finger could not be saved, leading to a large piece of the digit having to be amputated.

She took to Facebook soon after to share her story, saying that she knew how lucky she was to have been surrounded by such helpful people.

“This was the most painful experience I have ever had. I’m so very thankful for the way everything went though.

“My husband was my rock the whole entire time. I keep making jokes about 10 percent off manicures and things like that lol.”

Chelsey also wrote that even though the whole situation was “so crazy” she supposed that it could have been worse.

She also added that she did not pass out from the pain and only cried once out of frustration.

Go on, Chelsey.

The mum also shared some images of her injury in the post’s comments section.

They’re pretty graphic but if you’re at all interested, you can find them here. 

(Be warned though, Chelsey does not hold back. And like she says herself, it’s “darn gross.”)


Despite all the gore and the fact that she’s now without a ring finger, Chelsey has still found humour in the whole debacle.

Underneath the photo she shared of her amputated finger (literally a pic of her severed finger), she wrote that the nurse said: “at least her nails are pretty.”

And, like, they are.

As well as all of the very graphic photos, there was a load of comments telling Chelsey how brave she is, how she’s a real “tough cookie,” and that her attitude to the accident was very admirable.

And we have to say – they’re not wrong.

Images via Facebook.