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24th Feb 2023

Woman left stunned after plane passenger drapes hair over back of her seat

‘The joy of travelling’

A woman has blasted an inconsiderate passenger who draped her hair over the back of seat during a three-hour flight.

Travel blogger Julie Christensen, 32, from Norway, was travelling from Athens to Amsterdam to visit family at the end of last year.

But shortly after taking her seat on the 8am flight, the she was left stunned when the passenger in front of her flung her long brown hair over the back of her chair.

Julie was therefore met with wall of hair covering the back of the seat. The hair was so long that it reach her table and even dangled into any drinks Julie had on her table.

The blogger shared the baffling behaviour in a TikTok video, with the caption: “The joy of travelling.”

Over the video, which has racked up more than 204,000 likes, she wrote: “I wish this was staged.”

@julie.b.christensen The joy of traveling. #omgjustdont #pleasedont #lol #traveletiquette ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Speaking to local news outlet u105, Julie said that her and the man sitting next to her had initially found it amusing.

She explained: “I thought about whether I should say something but I was so tired, so I just laughed about it. Then so much time passed that it felt too late to say something.”

But despite everything, Julie admitted she couldn’t help but admire how “gorgeous” her fellow flier’s hair was.

She added: “Keep your hair to yourself, that’s my general advice for travelling – especially when you’ve done such a nice job of brushing it!”

Many TikTok users wondered why Julie didn’t say anything to the woman.

One replied: “Close your table and let her try and move.”

Another added: “Just start dunking the hair into the drink!”

“Some people just have no consideration for others,” a third wrote.

Meanwhile, a fifth said: “Why are y’all so afraid to tug on the hair??”

However, others said they would have taken a similar approach to Julie.

“You shouldn’t have to tell her,” a sixth said. “She should know better!”

“People just forget how to act the second they step foot into an airport,” another commented.

Sharing her own experience, someone else said: ‘This has happened to me! I asked her (teenager) not to, she kept doing it so I told her mum. Mum scoffed at me. So I asked the staff, she stopped.”