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09th Jul 2019

Woman left mortified after dad spots Durex bottle in her holiday snap

Just no.

Denise Curtin

Can you imagine?

You think you’re doing a great job, keeping your parents informed in all your holiday activities, sending them a few photos via Whatsapp so they know you’re still alive and then, this happens.

In a photo sent to her parents, one Twitter user who goes by the name Kels shared her embarrassment on Twitter when she accidentally sent a photo to her parents that had a Durex bottle in the shot.

Sharing a screenshot of her chat with her mum, her mum wrote:

“Dad said the pics are lovely, nice Durex bottle!”

To which the embarrassed daughter replied saying:

“It’s Elliot’s knee cream.”

However, her parents are too sharp for her and her mam revealed that her dad had already zoomed in.

Can you deal?

This funny holiday story follows on from last week when one tourist complained to a fashion company when her privates wouldn’t stay within her bikini. However, it turns out, she was wearing the swimsuit upside down.

Again, far too hilarious.

You can read all about that here.