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30th Jun 2021

What is the aftercare this year on Love Island and how has it changed?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What happens next?

The first of the Islanders has officially been dumped from the villa – so what will they face when it comes to the new aftercare?

Shannon is the first to be dumped from the island after only three days in the villa, and now that she’s gone she will undergo a lot of aftercare.

The aftercare for the 2021 season of the ITV reality show has been heightened, with more care and treatment being introduced as the islanders leave.

While some form of aftercare has always been in place, this year is going all out with how the islanders are treated upon leaving.

All eyes are on the show as two former islanders, Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, both died by suicide after appearing on the show, along with former host Caroline Flack who passed away last year.

Following their deaths, Love Island faced severe criticism over their handling of mental health an wellbeing, and the protocols in place for life after the villa.

However, this year ITV has been very transparent in how they are approaching their aftercare, and released a statement detailing exactly what islanders can expect once they leave.

Islanders will be given comprehensive psychological support as well as “training for all Islanders on the impacts of social media and handling potential negativity.”

They will also go through training on financial management and will have detailed conversations “regarding the impact of participation on the show.”

“A proactive aftercare package which extends support to all islanders following their participation on the show” will also be given, along with “guidance and advice on taking on management after the show.”

Senior staff will also be in the villa during filming who are trained in Mental Health First Aid, and while none of them will be seen on camera, there will also be a welfare team on hand there to help with any issues the Islanders may have during and after their time in the villa.

ITV will also “manage cast expectations” which includes positives and negatives, asking cast members to make sure they’ve fully considered all outcomes before heading on the show.

As well as the training on how to deal with social media, money and returning to normal life, everyone leaving the show will undergo a minimum of eight therapy sessions.

For the 14 months following their departure from the show, producers are set to keep up active contact with the islanders, which will end when the 2022 series is finished.

Islanders will also be encouraged to find a manager or representative that will work with them in a positive and healthy manner when it comes to their mental wellbeing and their careers.