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07th Oct 2014

WATCH: We Need To Go Interrailing After Watching These Five Irish Lads Take On Europe

Start packing your bag now...


If you ever wondered how you can afford to go away for a month, we may just have a budget holiday that will have you dragging out the maps and packing your rucksack.

Five lads from Cork and Limerick took three weeks this July, and embarked on an incredible interrailing trip around Europe. Stopping off in Amsterdam, Slovenia, Krakow and Berlin for the World Cup celebrations Patrick O’Herlihy, Jack O’Leary, Bryan Traynor, Jack Leonnard and Conor Beatty filmed their adventures on a GoPro.

From eating breakfast hanging out of a bedroom window, to cliff jumping in Slovenia, the footage shows just how much is on offer on a holiday on your doorstep. With a budget of €60 a day, they took on as many activities they could squeeze into each city.

If you ever wanted to discover Europe, here’s a sneak peek of what could be waiting for you.

This looks epic!

Video via Patrick O’ Herlihy

Hat tip to Kate O’Herlihy for sending this our way!