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18th May 2016

WATCH: This toilet attendant singing in the Krystle bathrooms is seriously impressive

It's Not That Easy to believe this video is real!

This is just incredible.

It’s hard to deny that some of the best talents in this world are undiscovered. Singers like Ed Sheeran, Bob Geldof and Tracy Chapman started out busking before they became household names so for any singers reading this, do not be disheartened if things aren’t going your way.

One Irish student Aron Cahill was working in Krystle nightclub when he innocently went to the bathroom, not knowing the phenomenon he would witness.

The clip shows the toilet attendant singing his heart out, doing a perfect rendition of Lemar’s 2006 hit It’s Not That Easy.

The audience includes Aron and two other male students, laughing in disbelief at the man giving his soulful cover in the small bathroom.

Their drunken reactions to the smooth singer serenading them are absolutely PRICELESS, only making the video ten times better.

Aron wrote a post about the amazing incident:

“I recorded this when I was in work ages ago and I completely forgot to post it…
“This guy was working in the toilets in Krystle night club and he serenades people with some sweet sweet music while they wash their hands.. absolutely incredible voice!!”

Will we ever get tired of funny bathroom stories from Irish nights out? Not anytime soon.

Lead image via Facebook