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23rd Feb 2023

WATCH: Young people in Ireland have adopted a new approach to drinking alcohol and honestly, it looks pretty appealing

Brought to you by Drinks Ireland

There’s now strong evidence Ireland’s drinking habits are changing for the better.

It’s no secret that there are a lot of negative stereotypes about Ireland’s relationship with alcohol.

But if recent data is anything to go by, Irish adults – particularly the younger cohort – are drinking alcohol in a more balanced way than this age-old stereotype suggests.

Alcohol consumption in Ireland has fallen by a third in 20 years, according to the latest Revenue data. Research shows that people of all ages are drinking more moderately and less, in particular the Gen Z cohort.

In order to explore these trends futher, Drinks Ireland commissioned an independent cultural insights agency, Bricolage, to carry out qualitative research to understand the lifestyles, behaviours and ideals of younger people in Ireland. And the results are very interesting indeed…

One of the key findings was that young people are looking to extend their weekends. In many cases, social occasions are centred around conviviality and no longer around alcohol. From finding time to hike with friends to catch-ups with pals in the pub, young people are looking for more balance in their weekends, adopting a ‘better socialising’ mindset that’s more activity-led and daytime focused.

And to be honest, it sounds quite appealing. As part of Drinks Ireland’s #MyDayMyWay campaign, Nadia El Ferdaoussi (better known online as @nadia_dailyself) recently brought viewers along on a Saturday in the Life, which fully embraces this new well-balanced way of life.

Featuring coffee and a catch-up with pals, a gorgeous scenic hike at Ticknock and a post-climb pint in a nearby pub, it goes to show just how much you can fit into a weekend that’s slightly more balanced and isn’t centred entirely around alcohol.

Check it out…

Drinks Ireland’s #MyDayMyWay campaign, is illustrating how drinking and socialising habits in Ireland are changing for the better, driven in many ways by young people. From finding time to hike with friends, to enjoying a catch-up in the pub, young people are finding more balance in their weekends.

More on the campaign:

Please drink responsibly.

Brought to you by Drinks Ireland