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13th Feb 2020

WATCH: How good are you at receiving compliments? We asked ourselves the same question

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around.

Denise Curtin

“The thing I love about you is…”

When it comes to expressing ourselves, us Irish folk have a name for being a little closed off in that department.

We find it difficult to talk about our feelings or engage in deep and meaningful chat, often bat off a compliment by saying something like “will you stop” and also find it hard to dish them out for fear of looking too mushy.

In a study conducted by InterFlora, it found out that 30 percent of Irish people are embarrassed to say how they feel while 29 percent assume their loved ones already know how they feel without actually expressing it out loud.

Yep, as a whole we’re pretty bad at laying it on factor 50 thick and would simply prefer to show affection through “loving digs”, replacing the loo roll and picking up some biccies on the way home but, when it comes to sitting down and speaking about our feelings, how confident are we?

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, we put our compliment skills to the test. From giving compliments to receiving them, we sat down with fellow colleagues to take a moment and really tell them how we feel.

This is our Spread the Love – Compliment Battle 

“I love your beard…”

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