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22nd Oct 2020

WATCH: Dog missing for months cries when his dad finds him

Cassie Stokes

“Coco is more than a pet. He’s family.”

Can I just start this by saying dogs are the best. There I said it! Now we can move on.

We love a good reunion story, especially when it involves a dog. Well, this one doesn’t just involve a dog but his best friend plays a part too AND the dog cries with joy! Of course the whole thing was filmed and has since gone viral.

The video was filmed in the Philippines by a man named Rustico Samson Jr. who didn’t give up searching for his missing dog, Coco.

The emotional clip shows the moment the two see each other after being separated for 3 months.

It’s the reunion of dreams. Do not watch without a few tissues handy.

Coco went missing from his home 3 months ago and left his family lost without him. They continued their search every day since the day he went missing.

Rustico told The Dodo: “I cried. There was so much sorrow, so much pain. Coco is more than a pet. He’s family.”

Even though things didn’t look hopeful, Rustico didn’t give up hope. “I searched every corner. I even cried as I searched.”

He continued to post abut his missing bff and one day he received some good news, a stray dog fitting the same description as Coco was spotted in the city in a parking lot.

“Right at that moment, when I saw a dog lying on the floor of that parking garage, I knew it was him. I was a thousand times sure that it was Coco.”

In the video you can hear Coco weeping when he gets closer to his owner. Rustico said he “was overwhelmed. I was so happy,” Samson said. “I think Coco felt the same way at that moment. You could hear him crying like a baby.”

Turns out it was Coco and the rest is history, Coco is home now and catching up on all the love he missed out on over 3 months.

“Having Coco back home changed everything. Good vibes are back.”