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04th Apr 2017

These wardrobe hacks will save you so much space and make it neater too

There’s nothing worse than a messy or cramped wardrobe.

Between not being able to find something, and having to battle with the rest of your clothes in the process, it can be stressful and headache inducing.

Luckily, the folks over at Nurofen Express have teamed up with the author of Life Hacks and Kitchen Hacks, Annabel Staff, to share a series of hacks, Nurofen Express #HeadacheHacks, that are set to relieve the nation of their daily ‘headaches’.

Included in the list of hacks are two brilliant wardrobe tips. The first deals with having a cramped wardrobe.

To combat not having enough space for your clothes, Annabel suggests to use the ring-pulls from drink cans to create double hangers for your closet so you can hang more items.

Another annoying thing about your wardrobe is that it can look untidy if your dresses or tops keep falling off the hangers. Annabel suggests that you use pipe cleaners on either end of a hanger to stop clothes from sliding off the hanger.


Speaking about the campaign, Annabel said:

I’ve always been fascinated by how life’s little frustrations can often lead to full blown headaches that negatively impact your day. This research identifies the causes of the nation’s daily headaches and, in response, I have designed ten simple #HeadacheHacks to address them.”