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13th Aug 2023

Vintage names are trending this year – here are our top picks

Vintage baby names are growing in popularity this year with the trend emerging as one of the most popular of 2023.

According to BabyCenter’s Rebekah Wahlberg, vintage names are seeing a rise in popularity.

She told Fox News that old-fashioned names are very popular at the moment.

“Parents have been taking a lot of interest in names that were big many decades ago, especially for girls.”

“Vintage names are peppered throughout the current top 100 baby names — some hover toward the bottom and are just starting to regain ground, while others have already resolidified their place among the most popular names.”

We’ve gathered up our favourite vintage-inspired names for baby girls that you’re bound to love. If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy in the coming months then one of these names could be the one for you.

15 top vintage girl names

  • Alice

  • Eloise

  • Clara

  • Josephine

  • Bethany

  • Genevieve

  • Mabel

  • Charlotte

  • Dorothy

  • Evelyn

  • Margaret

  • Edith

  • Darcy

  • Marjorie

  • Ruth

What is your favourite old-fashioned name for a baby girl? These names are timeless classics so it comes as no surprise to see them growing in popularity.

Mabel and Ruth are two of our favourites, but longer traditional names like Charlotte and Josephine are also beautiful.