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05th Jun 2015

VIDEO: This Broadway Battle is the Best Sing-Off You Will Ever See

When The Lion King takes on Aladdin... everyone's a winner.

Rebecca McKnight

We’ve all at some stage been in the unenviable position of seeing a flight delayed or cancelled – leading to our world weary selves spending some long hours in an uncomfortable airport chair if we’re lucky, and on the floor if not. 

Watch this video, though, and you might wish you had been around for this major delay.

The casts of enormously popular Broadway musicals The Lion King and Aladdin recently treated stranded passengers to what might be the best sing-off ever, during a six-hour airport delay.

The actors were set to travel from LaGuardia airport in New York to Orlando, Florida, on Sunday when bad weather delayed their flight.

Keen to pass the time in a most fabulous fashion, the cast of The Lion King opened fire with with a stirring rendition of Circle of Life. Not to be outdone, Tony-Award winning James Iglehart who plays the Genie in Aladdin hit back with an epic freestyle rap.

The Lion King is one of Broadway’s longest-running shows, opening in 1997, while Aladdin is a new kid on the block – arriving on The Great White Way in 2014.

After a further round from The Lion King, Iglehart led the Aladdin cast in a rendition of Arabian Nights.

It’s a pretty incredible show all round… but this round has to go to Genie.