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13th Nov 2019

Twitter had one problem with the Christmas lights being turned on in Dublin last night

The lights are ON!

While some may say it’s too early (and it possibly is), those of you who love Christmas will be overjoyed to see the twinkling festive lights go on around the city.

This year, there wasn’t an official ceremony due to overcrowding in previous years, however; when they were turned on at 5pm yesterday evening, many gathered around various locations in the city centre to watch.

They look absolutely gorgeous, but many on Twitter pointed out one small thing.

Those who were on Grafton Street – or saw the lights on Grafton Street being turned on – noticed that a new sign now read “Welcome to Grafton Quarter.”

Many people were unhappy with this and took to Twitter to air their views:

However, one tweeter pointed out:

Either way, we think the lights look spectacular and Dublin Town put in a lot of work to get the job done.