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17th Nov 2012

Twitter Fail: British Airways Draw Criticism After Retweeting Racist Message

In yet another social media fail, followers of British Airways on social media network Twitter are questioning whether a retweet earlier today was at the hands of a company representative or the work of a hacker.

Epic fail by the company, or the work of a hacker?

That’s the question being asked of British Airways this evening following a retweet of an offensive message earlier today.

The official British Airways Twitter account appeared to retweet a rascist comment made by another user of the social network, aimed at a disgruntled British Airways customer. 

The tweet was retweeted from the British Airways account, seen below, which has over 200,000 followers. It was deleted soon after, and the airline have since issued an apology. 

British Airways appeared to retweet this racist message earlier this evening

They said, via the social network: “Apologies for the last RT. We are sorry for any offence caused and are investigating how this may have happened.”

The company issued this apology after deleting the message

The incident comes in the same week as a Dublin restaurant drew criticism for calling a customer an ‘arsehole’ on Twitter.