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14th Sep 2018

Too early to mention the C word? These superb party ideas will change your mind

Anna Daly

party ideas

Brought to you by Best Parties Ever.

We are SO there.

Okay, so we know Christmas is still far away and while we’re not fans of people who whip out the Christmas trees before school has even started (you know who you are), that doesn’t mean we can’t start a tiny bit of advance party-planning.

Or at least party-booking. Because we have some amazing party ideas in mind but the events are filling up fast and we don’t want to miss them. And, trust us, neither do you.

Best Parties Ever is coming to Dublin and Belfast for the first time this year with a wonderfully elaborate Dream Circus and a mysteriously elegant Masquerade Ball.

The themes are great for party-goers looking for something a bit different to the usual Santas and snowflakes but still magical enough to fit the Christmas spirit.

You and your friends will be treated to canapés upon arrival – but make sure you don’t fill up on those because, as you enjoy the show, you will be served an entire four-course dinner.

And did we mention that that meal included a cheese buffet? Because it does.

Then, just in case the ballerina-and-LED-dancer-filled performance and the mounds of cheese weren’t enough to entertain you, dinner will be followed by a disco, a casino, and – wait for it – dodgems.

Yep. You will finally be able to get competitive in those bumper cars again without parents judging you for crashing into their children. I mean, we don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

There will, of course, be numerous bars around the venue providing a lovely selection of our favourite beers, wines, and spirits.

And this party just keeps on giving. For those partiers who like to keep going until the early hours, there’s a Survivor’s Breakfast to tuck into before the night ends. Just what you need.

The Dream Circus is being hosted at Airfield Estate in Dundrum, so Luas accessible. Ideal.

In Belfast, the Ball will be held in the spacious South 13, Boucher Road.

The events at each location will kick off at the end of November and they’re catering to both work groups and individual bookings. We suggest you get on it if you’re planning your work party or looking for an unforgettable end-of-year night out with your friends.

Hmm. Maybe we’re a little more ready for Christmas than we thought.

Brought to you by Best Parties Ever.