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25th May 2022

TikToker shows how to fit more in your bag on a Ryanair flight without paying extra

Ellen Fitzpatrick


As that time of year rolls around again and we’re all jetting off on our summer holidays, we need to start thinking about what we’re bringing with us.

Packing for a holiday is easily the most stressful part, and with many airlines’ new rules and extra costs for luggage, it only makes it more difficult.

Ryanair now only allow you to bring a personal bag on the plane for free now, charging extra for a cabin bag, but this one TikToker has a hack that might just sort this problem out for us.

User @kristenashleyblack has the perfect way we can make the most of the lesser amounts of luggage and fit more clothes into our smaller personal bags.

Kristen has revealed just how you can make more room in your bag, and it also ensures that the trip is comfortable for your flight.

Kristen shows how you can make a knitted jumper to make a “DIY neck pillow”, by rolling up the jumper and tying the sleeves together.

@kristenashleyblack #répondre à @spidermark790 made it to Daily Mail & everything lol #mostviralvideo ♬ son original – Kristen Black

Giving more room in her backpack, the difference it makes by taking out the jumper, as it takes up way more space than you’d imagine.

The captions with Kristen’s video read: “How to pack for your Ryanair flight when you have zero luggage allowance.”

Sharing another hack, she wrote: “Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought during ya trip.”

Putting it under a hat, she made sure it wasn’t going to be seen by Ryanair staff. Then Kirsten decides to stuff the pockets of her coat with smaller items that take up room like socks and underwear.

As these are our summer holidays, we might not have a coat or jumper, but a straw hat, beach sarong and light denim jacket will do the very same.

One person commented: “I once wore pajama pants as a scarf and to this day my friends go look at that photo to laugh when they’re having a bad day.”

A second wrote: “This is brilliant.”

A third added: “Pretty similar to what I did on my easyJet flight. Was wearing three pairs of trousers, four t-shirts, hoodie, jacket with pockets for days.”