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22nd Mar 2014

This Weekend You…Should Take On A Project

Have a productive weekend!

Weekends are great and one of our favourite things to do with them is sit around in our pyjamas, eating an industrial-sized bag of crisps and watching the Home and Away omnibus.

However, it is hard to deny that amazing sense of satisfaction that you get when you finally face up to that job that you’ve been avoiding and get it done. So, this week, we suggest that you take on a project and spend Sunday evening feeling more smug than Simon Cowell and rewarding yourself with a nice takeaway.

While the choice of project is all yours, here are a few helpful suggestions!


1) Sort Out Your Wardrobe


This is one job that we just HATE. Whether it hanging up all those clothes that have been on the airer for most of the week, dealing with the backlog currently piling up in your laundry basket or folding up all those jumpers instead of leaving them in an unattractive pile in the corner of the wardrobe, a little effort will be rewarded with ultimate satisfaction and you might even find something nice that you’d forgotten about to wear to work on Monday.

2) Home Improvements


No, we’re not talking about settling down to a marathon of the old-school Tim Allen series (although that does sound amazing!) but doing a little DIY around the house. Take a trip to IKEA for those new cushions, mow the lawn or wash the floor and you’ll earn serious brownie points with your significant other/flatmate/family and have a gorge home to relax in for the rest of the weekend.

3) Cook lunches for the week


Even when you are starving, there is nothing attractive about having a soggy sandwich for your lunch. This is why we always plan to cook a yummy dish on a Sunday, divvy it up into a few lunchboxes and wow our colleagues with our culinary prowess. Unfortunately, it never happens. We get distracted by an impromptu lie-in, girly brunch date or more Home and Away and spend the week forcing down a boring sambo or spending a fortune at the cafe around the corner. This weekend, channel your inner Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson/Donal Skehan and you’ll have a little treat to look forward to every afternoon.