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16th Aug 2014

This Weekend You… Should Go To The Zoo

Dublin Zoo attracts almost one million visitors a year.


It may be something you were used of doing as a kid but going to the zoo is just as much fun as an adult.

Luckily, Ireland has an amazing facility in Dublin Zoo, which encompasses 28 hectares and attracts almost one million visitors a year.

While some zoos have come under fire for the conditions in which the animals are held, animals at Dublin Zoo live enriched lives in natural social groups, they are fit and healthy, able to breed and raise their own young. Also, they can be observed in naturalistic spaces with vegetation, substrate and water features that reflects their native habitat.

Dublin Zoo is managed by caring zoo professionals who devote their lives to the welfare and care of animals and to understanding their needs.

With over 400 animals, from mammals to birds and reptiles, this is a great day out.

If you can’t make it in person, log on to to see live camera feeds from the zoo!

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