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20th Jul 2015

This Politician Had The Perfect Response To A Journalist Who Asked Her How Much She Weighs

The questions were asked in an interview about her current campaign.

British Labour politician Liz Kendall did not mince her words when asked how much she weighs by a journalist this week. 

When the editor of the Mail on Sunday asked Liz her weight in an interview about her campaign last week, she responded: “F**k off.”

DURHAM, ENGLAND - JULY 11:  Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall joins the march with the Fishburn Colliery Banner from Sedgefield during the annual Durham Miners Gala on July 11, 2015 in Durham, England. This is the 131st gala which brings together the communal values, culture and mining heritage of the north east of England. Thousands of people attend the event to listen to the brass bands, socialise and show their allegiance to the banners from the former colliery villages throughout the north.  (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)
Liz is a Labour leadership candidate.

Simon Walters also wrote about the MP’s wardrobe and compared her to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, in the piece.

Walters wrote: “Kendall maintains her lithe figure by jogging 20 miles a week.

The Labour party shadow chancellor Ed Balls (L), Labour party parliamentary candidate for Leigh, Andy Burnham (C), and Labour candidate for Leicester West, Liz Kendall (R), arrive for a press conference to launch the party's "NHS Week" and unveil a new campaign poster for the general election in London on April 20, 2015. Britain goes to the polls to elect a new parliament on May 7. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS        (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)
The MP for UK’s Leinster West was taken aback by the questions. 

“L.K. Bennett and Reiss are two of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite fashion brands – and slinky brunette Liz, or Elizabeth Louise, to give her full Royal-sounding Christian names, looks as good in them as slinky brunette Kate.”

“In fact she looks the same weight as the Duchess – about 8st – though when I ask she slaps me down with a raucous ‘f*** off!’, adding quickly: ‘Don’t print that.’”

DUBLIN, IRELAND - JUNE 09:  Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall speaks on stage at the Labour leadership hustings in Citywest hotel on June 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. A Labour Party leadership contest is underway following the party's disastrous election campaign, which subsequently led to leader Ed Miliband announcing his resignation. (Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images)
Liz spoke out against the journalist on BBC’s ‘Pienaar’s Politics’. 

Speaking to the BBC in the wake of the interview, Liz expressed her disbelief at the nature of the questions in an interview about her campaign.

She said: “I just think it’s unbelievable that in the 21st Century women still get asked such very, very different questions from men.

“Can you imagine the Mail on Sunday asking the weight of the prime minister, George Osborne or any other leading politician?