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17th Oct 2014

THIS Is Why You Shouldn’t Have Sex in The Sea

You will not want to have sex on the beach when you read this!

Ever wanted to have sex in the sea like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach? Well, think again, it could land you in hospital.

A couple were reportedly on Porto San Giorgio beach when the mood struck and they decided to go into the ocean for some sexy time.

It wasn’t a happy ending however when the man discovered that he was unable to detach himself because of suction. In other words, they got stuck together.

Thankfully, they were able to manoeuvre themselves back onto the beach and a woman gave them a towel to protect their modesty.

Il Mattino reports that a doctor was called and the couple were taken to hospital where the woman was given an injection normally used to dilate the cervix of a pregnant woman.

So there you go, having sex in the sea is bad. Very bad. (The song is still pretty good though.)

Story via Metro.