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26th Nov 2014

This Is Cat: Irish Lad’s Mo Is Officially The Most Ridiculous Of All Time

Movember brings out the animal in some...


Movember brings out the animal in some… 

It’s that time of year again where the men in your life may well be growing a ‘tache or beard all in the name of cancer.

Like all things, Mos come in all shapes and sizes, and this next man’s nose neighbour is both large and peculiar.

Before he bids farewell and takes a razor to his furry new friend, Niall O’Sullivan, a medical student at the University of Limerick, shared this incredible picture online.

These are no whiskers…


Is this the most artistic facial hair grown this month? Probably. Hair play him!

Donations can be made to Niall’s Movember campaign here.

Hat-tip to our bros fro this one.