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06th Dec 2016

This Disney top in Forever 21 is bound to make all Irish people giggle

This is GAS

Rebecca Keane

Poor Mickey Mouse gets a tough time.

Coming up to Christmas, it’s hard to know what to get your loved ones as a gift.

We have to get our thinking caps on and buy gifts for parents, siblings, other halves and friends, but with each person comes the question of what to get them that will suit them properly.

One Dublin girl found the ‘perfect’ gift for that older person in your life, perhaps a grandmother or grandfather.

Found in Forever 21 on Dublin’s fair Jervis Street, Kelly tweeted a picture of one particular t-shirt that has the whole internet giggling – but you’ll only get the joke if you’re Irish.

Kelly tweeted a picture of the T-shirt with the hilarious caption “get this for ur nanny for christmas it’s in forever 21 rn” but what’s so brilliant about the T-shirt is that it bears a picture of Mickey Mouse with ‘never too old for Mickey’ written on it.

People on Twitter had a serious giggle at the T-shirt,