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29th Sep 2019

Do you think you could guess the most popular honeymoon destination in Europe?

It's an unusual one.

Denise Curtin


Or simply planning a holiday?

Well, according to Pinterest, the most popular honeymoon destination in Europe last year was actually an unexpected one.

When you read this headline you probably thought Paris, Greece or Italy, well, if you did you are wrong.

Because according to the site, they uncovered that Switzerland was actually the most popular honeymoon destination of last year. Pins for Switzerland were up 856% since 2017.

Yeah, we were surprised too.

But when you think about it, Switzerland really does have so much to offer. In fact, it’s sort of the underdog of honeymoon locations. Its close proximity to both Italy and France make it ideal for travelling plus, if you are looking for a honeymoon full of adventure, it has got some of the most picturesque mountains and lakes.

A variation from tiny remote towns to bigger cosmopolitan cities like Zurich, will leave you spoilt for choice.

Another thing to note is, if you plan on having your honeymoon during the winter months, you’ll hit Switzerland during ski season and we are all about that aprés-ski life.

Other locations which proved popular on the site were Italy, Malta, and Spain.

Now, I am not sure about you but I just got a serious case of itchy feet and a need to travel. Who’s with me?