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08th Mar 2019

‘They are my backbone, my rocks’ – we love what Niamh Cullen says about her greatest female friendships

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Swarovski. 

It’s International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating ALL things female and empowerment!

We’re continuing our mission to feel empowered, receive fair and equal pay, gender equality and to reflect on the major successes of women’s movements gone by AND cheer on today’s efforts.

It’s true, we all want and deserve a chance to have our dreams come true but undoubtedly, this means supporting one another.

Niamh Cullen told us this week about how her rock solid group of female friends are always there to get her through and we must admit, after hearing what inspires her, her future, the female friendships she cherishes, plus inheriting her mum’s work-ethic – we’re wanting to reach out and hug ALL our gal pals.

Teaming up with Swarovski and showcasing their absolutely stunning range (they’re giving 15 percent off to celebrate today!), Niamh (seen below) said;

“We call ourselves the solid seven because we’ve been friends since play school and they’re my backbone, my rocks. They’re the ones who actually pushed me into doing this [social media].

Niamh, who first started working aged 14 and who has become one of the most popular lifestyle and fitness content creators on Instagram maintains that her female relationships have helped shape who she is today — her mum being a major factor.

“She has been through a lot over the years — one thing she hasn’t done is give up.”

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On this International Women’s Day, she wants to push the message that we need to lift each other up and be #BrighterTogether.

“I think women should support women in the industry we’re in. I think from an outside point of view people think we’re all very much competing against one another, where really, we’re actually close friends.

“I think if we all support each other we can do amazing things.”

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Echoing this message is Swarovski, who are also vouching for women to work hard, fight for equality, listen to one another, and when they reach all new heights — bring other women along with them!

The #BrighterTogether message plus those stunning SS19 #FollowTheLight sparkles donned by Niamh have us ready to celebrate.

Smart, bold, fun and playful — they’re everything we are ladies, plus, they can be styled with just about anything for a gorgeous look every day.

Don’t forget, there’s 15 percent off at Swarovski today, so for the woman or women most special to you, a little sparkle is a sure way to show just how wonderful they are.

Brought to you by Swarovski.