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26th Sep 2016

The sexiest accents in the world have been voted for

Do you agree?

Megan Roantree

Do you agree?

Everyone has a favourite accent that makes them melt when they hear it, whether it’s from a county in Ireland or a country half-way across the world.

A recent survey by Happn asked participants to vote for the accent they consider most romantic.

Italian came out on top with 25% of the votes, while French came second.

Ireland however, came third with 19% of people voting Irish as the sexiest accent.

Here is a full list of the sexiest accents in the world according to the Happn poll.

  1. Italian           25%
  2. French          23%
  3. Irish              19%
  4. Spanish        16%
  5. Swedish         5%
  6. Russian         4%
  7. Portuguese  2%
  8. German        1%
  9. Dutch            1%
  10. Greek            1%


We’re not surprised by the results, Ireland has long been associated with the attractive accents, and considering the diversity of accents across all counties, there is something for everyone.

In a recent survey by Maximum media, we asked reader what their favourite Irish accent was and Donegal came first followed by Dublin and then Cork.