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23rd Oct 2017

There’s a reason why women love wearing men’s underwear so much


Jade Hayden

men's underwear

We’ve all been there.

‘Accidentally’ forgetting your underwear when you stay over at your fella’s.

Rooting through his drawers for the perfect pair of boxers to wear in the morning.

Promising that this is absolutely the last time you’ll steal his pants and that you’ll do better to remember your own next time… even though you absolutely won’t.

Yep, there’s just something about men’s underwear that makes them approximately 47 times better than women’s.

Maybe it’s the shape. Maybe it’s the style.

Maybe it’s the lack of uncomfortable lace that rides up every time you move a mere inch causing you to readjust yourself for the eighth time that day.

Or not.

men's underwear

As it turns out though, there is a reason why so many women prefer wearing their fella’s underwear and it’s not too far off that lack of lace predicament.

According to fashion company Style Compare, almost 50 percent of women in relationships with men between the age of 18 and 24 like to borrow their partner’s underwear.

And that’s because men’s underwear is just so much more comfortable and practical.

Style Compare’s spoke person said that it all boiled down to the way men’s underwear is designed, ie: not just for aesthetic purposes.

“Men benefit from designs that put support and comfort first,” they said.

Of course they do.

They also benefit from deep pockets, large hoods, and not being discriminated against because of their gender but sure look.

men's underwear

However, the same study also showed that 17 percent of men like to borrow their female partner’s underwear too, so this whole swapping of undies thing does actually seem to go both ways.

We highly doubt the lads want to wear ours for comfort purposes though.