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05th May 2016

Treat yourself to this hysterical Postman Pat Twitter account before it’s removed from the internet

Oh, Twitter!

Last week, we brought you the new Sylvanian Families Twitter account which has sadly since been suspended. It was truly fun while it lasted.

Now, someone has started a Postman Pat tribute Twitter account, with a similarly sinister tone, and we are quite honestly howling reading some of the tweets.


At times, the captions tend to get a bit vulgar, but for some reason, these questionable scenarios combined with Pat’s adorable little smiling head makes it even more hilarious.

My personal favourite trend is when there’s a slight hint of inappropriacy between innocent little Pat and Jess’ relationship.

It’s very likely that Postman Prat will suffer the same fate as our dearly departed Sylvanian Families account, so check it out and treat yourself to laughing hysterically while you’ve still got a chance.