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20th Sep 2018

Then and now: These famous Irish landmarks are as stunning as ever

Don’t you just love a good throwback?

Usually it’s music, or movie’s, or our favourite actors of time gone by we love to gawk at. But it turns out a blast of the past, in the form of some of Ireland’s best known spots, can have us just as intrigued.

Although much has changed – old roads, bridges and buildings served a purpose and made a massive difference to people at the time, just as they do today. Take a peek by pulling the arrow left or right below.

O’Connell Street, Dublin (1880 and 2017)

Cobh Cathedral, Cork (late 19th century and in 2014)

Kilkenny Castle (1987 and 2014)

St Patrick’s Cathedral (circa 1860 and in 2014)

Spanish Arch, Galway (1938 and 2017)

Rock of Cashel, Tipperary (1900 and 2013)

Belfast City Hall (1917 and 2015)

The Custom House, Dublin (1885 and 2013)

Now how’s that for a throwback!