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28th Nov 2016

The story of this four-year-old proposing to his classmate is hilarious

''We were expecting a Haribo ring''

Ah young love…

When kids start school for the first time they often develop crushes on their classmates which is completely adorable.

With those crushes comes hand holding, name calling and sometimes even proposals.

Many of us will remember being/a friend who got ‘proposed to’ at school. Usually, the little boy will shout it at you and maybe give you a candy ring and run away, but this little boy, he meant business.

Four-year-old Tommy proposed to his classmate Millie in school. When Millie came home to tell her mom and dad about it, they coundn’t believe what they found.

The little boy hadn’t picked up any old candy ring or made something in art class, instead, he stole his mother’s diamond engagement ring and presented it to his love.

Millie’s dad recounts the whole hilarious story in a video in which you can see the shimmering ring. Millie’s mum can be heard laughing loudly in the background.

No word yet on whether Millie said yet, but with a boy this daring and brave, she could do a lot worse.

Also, we hope Tommy’s mum got her ring back.