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06th Mar 2014

The Inconvenience Store Could Be The New Place For Hipsters In New Zealand

We blame the hipsters for this.

If you want to grow your own vegetables, ride a bike to work or shop at a farmers’ market, you might want to find the address of this place.

Travel is faster, machines almost completely eliminate any kind of effort and even TV can be scheduled to save time. As life gets more convenient, romanticising about the “good old times” (the inconvenient time) is becoming more popular. People are appreciating things that take a little more time and are worth the extra effort.

The Inconvenience Store understands that. Each week, a different shopkeeper takes over the space with their own idea of inconvenience.

“Convenience breeds regularity and conformity,” says co-founder Ryan Reynolds. “Even the government’s recovery plan for the central city is modelled on convenience.”

The store’s shopkeepers must create a memorable customer experience, fit with the inconvenient theme and have at least one item for sale with some kind of currency. Customers in the shop can only buy items with their time and creativity.

Next week, the only way to buy some jewellery will be to spend two hours in the shop – so inconvenient.