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10th Mar 2019

Anti-Lego slippers finally exist and they’ll be a lifesaver for parents

The ultimate Mother's Day gift?

Trine Jensen-Burke

Praise Jesus.

If you have kids or have visited the home of someone who does you have no doubt encountered the absolute hell it is to step on a tiny Lego piece as you cross the floor.


Few forms of sadistic torture in this world are more horrific than accidentally putting you foot down on top of one of those tiny, surprisingly sharp plastic bricks.

It’s almost enough to put you off procreating, to be honest.

However, no more, my long-suffering friends.

Because now, those clever people at Lego have finally decided to save our soles by creating some Anti-Lego slippers.

It only took them 66 years, like.

In partnership with French advertising agency Brand Station, the Danish toy giant created a limited edition slipper (only 1500 pairs) – with much-needed extra padding.

They will be distributed randomly to people who fill out wish lists on Lego’s French website.

Now, look, we know they said limited edition but surely it’s worth creating more than just 1500 pairs?

With Lego being one of the top kids’ toys ever, we reckon these would be a best-seller for years to come.

Seriously, make more Lego slippers, guys – the parents of this world will thank you for it.