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14th Nov 2016

Tesco has urgently recalled a product over fears of a chemical fault

Customers are advised to stop using it immediately.

Customers are advised to stop using it immediately.

Tesco has been forced to issue an urgent recall of one of its popular eyecare products over fears that there is a chemical fault.

It is advising customers not to use Bausch + Lomb’s EasySept HYDRO+® 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution.

Recent tests have found a chemical fault where “residual peroxide remained in the lens case after neutralisation” which can lead to serious health issues for the eye.

Tesco has said:

“Although this product represents low risk to the user and is unlikely to cause serious health consequences, Bausch + Lomb are voluntarily recalling the product out of an abundance of caution and as part of their ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Over the course of the recommended 35 uses of the lens case, testing showed occasional occurrences where the residual peroxide remaining in the lens case after neutralization was above product specification.”

They say that if you are using the product you should discontinue and return it to the store your purchased it for a full refund.

If you have any questions relating to the recall, you can get in contact with the Bausch + Lomb customer service for further information. They can be contacted at 0845 602 2350 or [email protected].