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22nd Nov 2023

‘Am I wrong for telling my sister she can’t wear a red dress to my wedding?’

Anna Martin


Your wedding is meant to be all about you.

A lot of the time people will have a picture in their minds of what they want their big day to look like from a young age.

Maybe it’s a set colour scheme, the location or an image of the person they’ll be saying “I do,” to.

So what would you do if a family member seems to be ruining your vision for your wedding day by choosing to wear something you don’t like?

Well for one woman it means that she’s willing to uninvited her stepsister to the celebrations.

Ranting about her wedding she wrote on Reddit, “My wedding is coming up and since I’ve gotten proposed to me and my husband have been adamant about pastel colours being worn by the guests.

'Am I wrong for standing up to my sister-in-law at my wedding?'
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“My stepsister is saying that she bought this expensive dark red dress to wear to the wedding recently I’m not a hard to deal with person, but I feel like she shouldn’t have bought the dress knowing that I wanted people in pastel colours.”

Though you may think there are unresolved issues between the two, the woman shut this down writing, “She also isn’t a hard to deal with person usually so I don’t know why she is acting like that.

“Now, last night I texted her saying she won’t be able to come to the wedding if she’s planning to wear that dress, and she asked if I will be reimbursing her for the dress and I told her no.

“She’s now telling family that I’m being a bridezilla and acting unreasonable.”

Well if she was looking for reassurance about her rules for her wedding this woman must have been disappointed as many people seemed to side with her sister.

'Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?'
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“Pastel colours look awful on some folks, not everyone can pull off pastels. You’re expecting folk outside of the bridal party to buy a specific colour palette that might not be to their taste, not cool,” penned one.

“Having this specific dress code for your GUESTS is ridiculous. Leave it to levels of formality and obviously not the same colour as the bride. You’re imposing way too much,” added another.

A third commented, “Your dress code is unreasonable. Formal and/or smart casual and nobody in the same colour as the bride is all you should be dictating in terms of dress code for your guests who aren’t in the wedding party.”