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27th Feb 2014

Take That! Red-Headed Boy Turns Tables on School Bullies

A seriously feel-good story.

We love a good underdog story so we were delighted to come across Louis Evans’ tale of overcoming bullying this week.

According to The Mirror, 22-year-old Evans faced regular taunts and abuse at school due to his ginger hair and freckles and took on a job as a cold caller to stay hidden from the public. However, he will now be walking down the catwalk with confidence after being signed by a leading modelling agency.

He has appeared in Vogue Magazine and will also model at Milan Fashion Week in June but the Suffolk native said it was a difficult transition to taking centre stage.

“I didn’t have the confidence before to apply to the modelling agencies. My mum kept saying I could do it and I just kept saying ‘No, I don’t know’,” he said.

“It was quite difficult growing up in a small town. People are very close-minded.”


His mum Jo McCall said she was delighted with his progress.

“I am just very happy that he is having all of these amazing experiences. He is really working hard to achieve his goals and I am very proud of that.”