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10th Aug 2015

Suffer From Jet Lag? You’ll Want To Check Out This New Idea

This sounds pretty cool.

Cathy Donohue

If you’ve ever flown long-haul, you’re probably familiar with jet lag.

Extreme tiredness sets in and your body clock doesn’t know what’s going on with no idea of what time zone you’re in.

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However, things might be about to change with the introduction of a new concept called NeuroOn.

It’s an intelligent mask that measures sleep waves, heart rate, eye movement, blood saturation and muscle tension.

Through the use of an app, NeuroOn analyses information taken from the mask to calculate how long you should be asleep and what time is best for you to wake up.

The aim is that you wake up feeling refreshed but another function is the use of bright light therapy which has an effect on your sleep pattern and body clock.


Previously, a study from the University of Stanford found that bright light therapy can effectively manipulate sleep patterns.

The mask also includes jet lag settings which you can apply before, during and after the flight. There is a setback though as it’s priced at $299.

Oh well, we can definitely see this idea catching on with cheaper alternatives becoming available down the line.

H/T Metro UK