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14th Oct 2016

This student drunkenly used a Snapchat-filtered photo on ID and got away with it

In the old days you weren't even meant to smile

Matt Tate

Have you ever had one of those nights where you’re so bladdered that you decide to take a load of filtered selfies and send them off with your application for an NUS Card?

Nightmare isn’t it? But 19-year-old Daire Shaw, a law student at Liverpool John Moores University, got a bit of a shock when his photos were accepted.

Shaw, from Belfast, had a late one at a DJ night last year, and when he finally rolled in at about 5:30 am he thought he’d take a few Snapchat selfies. So far, so millennial.

But for whatever reason, the teenager eventually found himself on the NUS website, and decided it was as good a time as any to submit an application for his card. When the site asked for a photo it seemed like an obvious choice to use the one where he looked like an extra-terrestrial.

But instead of getting a telling off for taking the piss, the photo somehow made it onto his card. In a post uploaded to Facebook (which now has over 13,000 likes) Daire wrote: “Jesus Christ, I drunkenly applied for my NUS card and it asked for a photo so I picked one with a Snapchat filter. Why did they accept this? I can never use it as ID.”

Speaking to Metro about his new identity card, the student said: “I’d completely forgotten I even did it until I checked my post on my birthday and saw the card.

“I’m pretty sure they thought I genuinely looked like that and were too worried to ask any questions. No one from NUS or anything has been in contact with me about it either.”

It has worked, though. Daire said he’d already taken the card for a test run in River Island, and while the checkout operator did ‘double-take’ when he handed it over, they decided to just roll with it.

Considering it’ll cost £12 for a replacement – you can buy a lot of hangover Pot Noodles with that sort of money – it’s not surprising that Daire intends to stick with the ID. Plus, with that in his wallet he’ll never be short of a conversation-starter.

Image via Daire Shaw/Facebook