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05th May 2017

This student came up with a truly inspired way to cheat in her exams

There could soon be changes to how students get exemptions for studying Irish

With the Leaving Cert just around the corner, cheating tactics (usually the stuff of urban legend) are a hot topic right now, but one student in the UK came up with a truly original plan to con her way to a better grade.

According to the latest annual report by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), the law student had brought 24 pages of notes written in invisible ink into the exam hall.

Apparently, she had hidden them inside her law statute book to have a sneaky glance at if the going got tough.

Her devious plan was only uncovered when an invigilator spotted that the student was using a small UV light to read them.

According to the Telegraph, the student later complained about the penalty she received for cheating.