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06th Mar 2014

Strangers Provide Birthday Surprise For Eight-Year-Boy With Autism

This warmed our hearts.

Eight-year-old Andrew “A.J” Greene, from Pennsylvania, is set to receive a very special birthday surprise.

Andrew, who has autism, is fascinated with clocks, prompting his mother Anna to plan something unique for his upcoming birthday.

Anna posted on Facebook asking people to send clocks to A.J. for his upcoming birthday later this month.

The goal, Andrew’s mother, told WPXI, is to fill A.J.’s entire bedroom with clocks.

“I thought for his birthday, how cool would it be to see how many clocks he could get from friends and family, then they shared it,” she told WPXI. “It’s not just about him getting clocks, but about spreading awareness of autism, different interests and acceptance.”

The Facebook group, AJ’s Clock Surprise, now has 1,400 members and A.J has received clocks from near and far, with some coming from British Colombia, Canada.

Andrew’s birthday is on March 20th. If you want to help fulfill his birthday wish, you can mail him at: Andrew Greene, P.O. Box 35, Latrobe, PA 15650.