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01st Oct 2014

Stoptober – Will You Be Kicking The Habit This Month?

Take part in the 28 day challenge.

All across the world, people are signing up for the Stoptober challenge – to see if they can stop smoking for 28 days.

The Stoptober challenge is running for the month of October and is encouraging smokers to try and give up for 28 days, thus making it easier for them to stop in the long run.

We all know the financial benefits, the health benefits and the ‘being warm’ benefits, but how many of us have actually tried to kick the habit?

With Stoptober, you will have thousands of others all going through the same ordeal with you. There are forums for help and support and the UK-based website is full of tips and help.

There are a number of free support tools from apps to packs and the site offers all the help that you will need to get through those difficult cravings.

So why not make this October your Stoptober and kick the habit for good.