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25th Aug 2016

Stacey Solomon pens essay in response to body shaming tabloids

"I am so sick of people telling me the ideal weight is 'X'"

Megan Roantree

She’s had enough from critics.

Former X Factor singer Stacey Solomon was recently body shamed by the Sun newspaper. The paper featured a picture of Stacey holding one of her breasts and captioned it “Top flop… former X Factor singer Stacey gets that sinking feeling”.


When the picture first appeared unnecessarily in the paper, Stacey responded with a simple tweet which read: “My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breast feeding & I love them. I Am just as sexy!”

But that wasn’t all the mum of two had to say about the body-shaming that occurs in the media.

Stacey penned an article for the Huffington Post aptly titled ‘I LOVE MY BODY’.

She discusses the importance of self-love and the the pressure to be perfect:

 “Loving your body has got to be one of the most important things to contribute to overall happiness. I am so sick of people telling me the ideal weight is “X”, the best boobs are “X”, blah blah blah. The truth of the matter is perfection is subjective and individual.”

She criticises the tabloids for focusing on image rather than talent.

 “So instead of a magazine picking up on these things as though they’re un-human like or an absolute shock that a women would go out with a tiny pimple on her face, we should be just writing about the great things they’re doing in their lives and ignoring that something like that would even make a difference to the person that she is.”

Stacey also discusses being a mother and how that alters a woman’s body.

“I have childbearing, breastfeeding breasts which to me are perfect as they’ve served such a wonderful purpose (what they were made for btw). “

She finished her essay by encouraging all women to love their bodies.

“As for anyone feeling the strain of modern society to fit in to these scrutinising categories, join the revolution, love yourself and all of your differences. The exterior is superficial and the interior will be your golden ticket to happiness.”

Well said!